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Life at Ergo

Work and Life Balance

Work life balance is all about creating and maintaining a supportive work environment, which will enable employees to balance professional and personal responsibilities. To support this balance, flexible work arrangements are an integral part of the way we conduct our business. Our policies include flexi-hours, transportation facilititation, telecommuting, financial management and health insurance.  We also provide financial loans to those employees and recruits who are engaged in looking after or growing their families. 

A Multi-cultural Environment

Ergo Ventures hire people regardless of color, gender, religion, nationality or disabilities. Ergo Ventures believes in a positive workplace environment where diversity goes beyond differences. Our environment is dynamic, friendly and collaborative and we believe that such an environment is conducive to bring out the best from our employees.

Reward & Recognition

We have a culture of reward and recognition. Reward and recognition provides an effective way of engaging our employees and encouraging them to acheive higher levels of skills and performance. Well engaged employees are happy, loyal, and productive. This is a key to our client’s success. When are clients succeed, we assure that our employees succeed.


Active Training

Ergo Ventures recognizes that active training is critical for employee retention and assuring that our developers and designers have challenging careers. Ergo Ventures has several policies that help assure that our talent is continuously improving. We have in house training packages as well as a program to financially support our developers as they participate in outside training programs as either trainers or students. We also have regular weekly training sessions where our developers and designers train each other in areas where they have developed advanced skills and knowledge. Finally, we also have internal testing and coding contests.