Ergo Ventures Limited

Premiere IT Solutions Provider

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Ergo Ventures Limited comes a group that has over 4 decades of experience in engineering and service. We fully appreciate the value of reliability, security and performance. We have a comprehensive physical security setup. The security setup includes security guard controlled building access and remote surveillance facilities.

Our infrastructure includes:

Internet Redundancy:

Ergo Ventures has a full-fledged data center to with the direct connectivity with the submarine Cable to serve the clients needs. We have STM-4 (622 MBPS) bandwidth and unlimited data transfer for our clients.

Network Security:

Our network is divided into multiple virtual networks, one for each client. For each network only one computer is connected to the client through VPN. The development workstations are only connected to the virtual network and are not connected to the Internet so the clients' documents and codes are well protected. There are separate workstations for meeting with clients and research on the Internet.


Uninterrupted Power Availability: 

Ergo office has two backup generators to ensure 24X7 accessibility to the development and staging servers by the client.

State-of-the-art Equipment:

Developers work and test all of our projects on state of the art desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Ergo has an inventory that covers all popular devices in the world.

Regular Data Backup:

Data is backed up regularly.