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Project Management Training, 17-18 October, 2015

Project Managers from Ergo have successfully attended a 2 day-long training event on “Project Management” on 17-18 October 2015 organized by CBI and in cooperation with DCCI, BASIS & ITC. This workshop was focused on the basics of project management: how to start a project, manage the processes and understand dynamics it has on the organization, the project team and customers. The emphasis is on combining theory with practical insights that can be used directly in the organization. It is designed to provide knowledge and awareness for the impact that projects has on customer acceptance and how to manage and improve this. In return, it provides the project manager the tools for further implementation which can be used to improve the processes and develop and enhance the capabilities for delivering projects.

Objectives of the training was as follows:

  • Understand the essentials of project management
  • Able to create project scopes and work-breakdown structures
  • Understand the dynamics of stakeholder management
  • Understand project risks, the impact and how to mitigate
  • Being able to explain the differences between the different project management lifecycles
  • How to add value with project management
  • Understand and create a project maturity improvement plan
  • Able to manage customers’ expectations
  • Understand the building blocks for keeping a project on-track
  • Understand the principles of leadership and team management within project management
  • Understand the importance of project closures