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Ever wondered what makes the difference between good and great sales teams? The answer is simple – the tools they use! And, when it comes to business applications or tools, Odoo rules. In this article, we're going to discuss the basics of Odoo CRM and features it offers.

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, refers to the fusion of practices, strategies, and technologies that businesses employ to manage customer interactions and analyze relevant data, with an intent to provide better customer service, ensure customer retention, and drive sales growth.

The implementation of a CRM system, however, requires considerable time and expense. But the result it produces albeit worth the price.

The need for an innovative solution for customer management has spurred the advent and development of many cloud-based, on-premise, and open-source CRM systems. But the plethora of options comes with a dilemma – which one to pick for your business?

Well, the Odoo CRM module within the Odoo platform is what we recommend. Why? We can compile a long list that could take hours to read but for the time being, let's focus on the key features the Odoo CRM offers.

Effective Lead Management

Odoo CRM allows you to enter your lead manually or you can also import by mass using Odoo's column matching tool. You may also find it convenient to automate the process by integrating your website's contact form or VoIP phones or both with the system. The GeoIP feature detects the location of your lead automatically from the visitor's IP address, which helps you to send tailored emails to customers of different regions. And, of course, you can send the emails from within the system, and you can make calls as well. Isn't it great!

You can also score your leads based on different criteria, which helps the salesperson assigned for a specific lead to define actions based on the lead score. You have the liberty to decide which total score deserves to be converted into an opportunity.

You can make good use of Odoo Live Chat on your website to talk to your visitors and convert them into leads. Also, the option for customized rules based on location or webpages is likely to bring a positive outcome.

Well-Organized Opportunity Management

You can organize a sequence of actions for each opportunity. You can also schedule activities, and track, log, and analyze the activities of your sales team.

A clear overview of all the actions is always visible in your "pipeline". The drag and drop feature helps you to work faster and update the status of your leads within seconds. You can also create sub-stages to organize the processes better. On top of that, you can add descriptions on stages to make your pipeline further customized.

Once an opportunity is qualified, you can send quotations from within the CRM module – by email or print – with a few clicks.

Odoo CRM automatically archives the lost opportunities and saves those in a separate field, enabling more robust analysis. You can find the reasons behind losing opportunities and come up with a plan to improve your sales effectiveness.

You have access to all information right into the opportunity. Pages visited on your website, emails, meetings, next actions, preceding orders, and anything you can think of is available there.

You can make the best out of the Odoo CRM module by creating a schedule of your daily work and planning your next actions based on the most vital opportunities and tasks.

Top-Notch Customer Relationship Services

You can share a clear address book among your sales personnel. Set your customer's preferences – such as language, delivery methods, financial data, and others – with ease. You can file multiple addresses and contacts for a single company. Also, the full history of activities of any customer is just a few clicks away.

Customized and Integrated Communication

Odoo CRM module allows you to create a custom template of emails for more common communications with your customer or opportunities. You can also attach all your email communications to the right opportunity. Also, you can get new leads automatically based on incoming emails.

The VoIP feature within the Odoo CRM module lets you create a dial queue on customers or opportunities. You can call your leads or customers, from the browser, automatically or manually. In case of failed calls, you can reschedule another call or send an email. Automate what to do next with ease.

Following key opportunities is just a click away, which can help you get alerts based on relevant activities.

Excellent Dashboard with Resourceful Insights

With the Odoo CRM module, your salespersons and managers have access to a predefined and well-designed dashboard where they can monitor important lead KPIs. However, you can always build your dashboard with the advanced report engine. It allows you to analyze your opportunities pipeline with advanced filters, grouping, drill-down, etc. The dashboard also enables you to analyze lost and won opportunities to find trends and improve conversion rates.

Modern and Responsive User Interface

Odoo CRM module comes with an intuitive and responsive UI that allows you to monitor activities and manage sales from any device. The UI also consists useful tips and best practices to configure your CRM. 


You can get more out of Odoo by integrating the CRM module with other business applications within and outside the platform.

Odoo, as a comprehensive suite of business applications, offers a lot. If you are interested in knowing more, you can contact us here. Our dedicated professionals are always ready to help you out.

Success Stories of Odoo CRM Module

Vectis – a Luxemburg-based management consulting firm – is one of many other businesses that benefit from Odoo CRM. Before they were acquainted with Odoo, the company was working with four different applications from different providers to run their business. For them, it was as complex as it sounds.

These impediments, with the cost of maintaining four applications, drove them to look for a better alternative. And, there was Odoo, which outperformed their old system in every functionality. Now, Vectis has one standard system for all their requirements. Apart from easing their business process, Odoo has also helped Vectis to save a huge amount of time and money. The applications they are using are Odoo CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Project, Timesheets, Expenses, Accounting, and Vacations.

The Bertinchamps Brewery is a beer manufacturing company located in Belgium. After they started brewing in 2013, they were doing well and grew from nothing to 1 million bottles in three years. Their entire system, except for the accounting division, was entirely paper-based. And, with the growth, it was getting increasingly difficult for them to manage their business process.

When the company was looking for a flexible solution with easy implementation, they found Odoo as a comprehensive solution to issues they were facing at the time. Now, Odoo is an integral part of their business operation. The company currently uses the Odoo CRM, Sales, Invoicing, and Inventory applications.


You can't go wrong when opting for Odoo CRM. Despite being a flexible and feature-rich suite of business applications, Odoo comes with an affordable price.

Ergo Venture is the top Odoo partner in Bangladesh with expertise in Odoo implementation across many verticals. To learn about Odoo CRM module pricing and implementation, you can contact us at +880 193 88 555 00 or send an email at info@ergo-ventures.com.

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