Advanced Reporting Benefits in E-commerce Business

With the wealth of information that is readily available to our fingertips in the blink of an eye, it is crucial to organize them and prepare comprehensive reports to aid in decision making. One of the sectors where this applies the most is the E-commerce industry. In an entirely digitized platform, information is power, holding the keys to effective. Advanced reporting can open the doors for your business to thrive, diversify, and gain a competitive advantage. The advent of cloud computing, artificial intelligence has eased the creation of highly detailed, intuitive, and specialized reports that can be used as data-based evidence to steer companies in the right direction. This article will look to outline the benefits of using such advanced reporting techniques in your business. 

What is Advanced Reporting? 

Each business and the market it is currently operating in continually generate massive data streams ranging from consumer behavior patterns, new and emerging market trends, capital movements, online presence, and demographic-specific quirks. These big data sets need to be sorted out and organized effectively. This is where advanced reporting comes in. It uses metrics such as Conversion Rate (CR) and Average Order Value (AOV), among others, to quantify and present conclusions from the enormous data that you have accrued. The report allows a clear understanding of how e-commerce websites are being used by consumers, their efficacy in generating engagement and repeat orders, and the average traffic over a while. It shows information in defined clusters and sets to show, among many others, the number of times a user clicked on an ad or a product, the number of users who visited a website at a given date, and the products that generated revenue via online orders. 

Benefits of Advanced Reporting: 

1. Greater Revenue:

One of the critical metrics that determine revenue generation is the conversion rate. It refers to the percentage of customers that visit your website and actually buy your product. Advanced reporting allows you to pinpoint the products most sold and the customers they are sold to, as well as the efficiency of your revenue-boosting methods. This can improve decision-making about which methods of affiliate marketing, advertisements, reviews, and social campaigns to focus on to increase the conversion rate. You can also concentrate those methods on products that are selling well to boost their profits or products that are not selling well to boost them up. This can lead to better investments and ROI and also generate more traffic on your websites. Nowadays, customers do not have a defined, linear pathway to making purchases online. When they see a product, they check for its reviews, view trusted sources for their opinion, and search for discounts and promotions before finally deciding to purchase or not. This breadcrumb trail of data can be processed by artificial intelligence to construct highly detailed online profiles of customers and present them in the report. This allows you to send personalized, lucrative offers to keep your customers loyal to your brand and increase revenue through repeat orders. 

2. Inventory Management: 

A streamlined and optimized inventory is vital for your business's success and can boost your supply chains and warehouses' operational efficiency exponentially. There will be products that sell quickly and ones that stick around for longer. This is determined by consumer's habits, the price of the product, and its features. Advanced reporting can accurately show which products are being sold rapidly while providing its crucial characteristic of driving sales growth. This can allow you to make better purchasing decisions, such as buying raw materials to produce the fast-selling product at more significant volumes. It also allows you to fill your inventory with these products instead of having space occupied by relatively "illiquid" products. You can also have a rundown of systematic errors in inventory management, where it happened, and the amount of revenue that you lost. 

3.Greater Reach at Lower Cost: 

It takes money to acquire a consumer and incentivize them to purchase your products. You have to spend on advertising campaigns, discounts, promotional offers, free shipping, and social media campaigns. All of this costs money. Having advanced reporting on these endeavors will allow you to understand the ROI of these methods, which ones offer the most significant number of consumer turnout and which ones are relatively ineffective. This will help you to allocate resources away from inefficient processes to more capable ones. This reduces costs in the long run while boosting consumer acquisition, engagement, and loyalty. 

4. Greater Efficiency: 

Advanced reporting can extensively examine, evaluate, and showcase each production process in your business and business KPI (Key Performance Indicator). With this metric, you can accurately figure out which production methods are efficient and which are not during any given time. Hence, the resources allocated towards research, development, and innovation can directly engage with these inefficiencies to unlock your business's full potential through continuous, incremental improvements. It is also essential to figure out the average value of the orders made from your business. If one unit's price is low, then many people have to buy to ensure a higher average value and vice versa. Advanced reporting can seamlessly calculate the average value of your orders and allow you to predict your revenue. This is important for budgeting reasons as you can set out money for capital and raw material purchases, maintenance, staff improvements, and future development in a much better manner. Pricing strategies can also be set to increase revenue by considering consumer tolerance and the profitability of lowering or raising prices on specific demographics. 


Advanced reporting is an integral part of ensuring the success of your E-commerce business. If you would like the software to make this possible, look no further than Odoo apps. With their comprehensive suite of interconnected apps, robust functionality, intuitive user interface, and reliable server support, you can rest easy that your business is in good hands. 

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