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Email marketing nowadays is considered as one of the most effective ways to promote your product or services to your targeted customers. This is one of the most convenient ways to build a good relationship between customers and businessmen as well. 

Let’s be introduced about the process of email marketing in brief and on the other hand we will find out which will be your best companion to do your E-mail marketing business.

What is Email Marketing?

It is known as the part of digital marketing where the total marketing processes are done through Email. The person who wants to promote his products or services first collects the Email address of his targeted customers. Then he sends an Email to each of them to promote his product or service. That’s it! This is all about Email marketing definition.

Why it’s an effective to promote?

First of all, it’s very simple to do. There is no need to achieve any kind of advanced IT knowledge to get a promotional job done with Email marketing. Secondly, there is a very low chance of getting failed if you follow the list of simple instructions. Your primary and most important task is to build a valid and targeted Email list to promote your product or service. This is the most challenging part in the field of Email marketing. Then there are some simple steps to follow.

How can we help during your Email marketing journey?

Yes! We can help by guiding you on how to do email marketing the right way. After this, you will be more frequent to continue your Email marketing campaign. We are offering you a great Email marketing app that you can consider as your best companion in this run. Let us introduce you to some of the major features of this app.

Use our unique design template!

To send an email to your targeted customer, there needs an attractive design template to grab the attention of your customer. Every Email marketer’s primary target is to influence the email reader to click on the link given by the marketer. A good design layout/template can do that with almost 100% perfection. No eye-catchy design, no clicks; simple! Our app is offering you a large number of awesome customizable email templates to run your email marketing campaign. 

You can add text, images, and edit according to your required format. There is no need to have any kind of coding knowledge to perform this kind of action. Our app has been designed in such a way that the person who didn’t run any kind of email campaign, can even also be able to build an awesome customizable layout for his business. It’s very simple. Because it’s just a game of drag and drops!

Organize your customer by using segmentation feature!

You might not run only one kind of campaign for a particular product or service. It’s a very high chance for you to run multiple types of campaigns for multiple products or services through email marketing. So which group of customers is for which group of products, that should be checked and kept. These data should be managed with proper segmentation. Our app is allowing you to keep your customer data in different sections based on their buying habit. You can segment your customer by date, by country and more. This is a fantastic feature every email marketer needs to use in case of running their every campaign.  Because running the wrong campaign to a wrong customer group means major failure!

Represent your campaign for any kinds of devices

You have the power only to see your side. You can take care of what's right or wrong is going with your email marketing campaign. But you don’t know what kinds of devices your customers are using. For that reason, your email newsletter should be optimized in such a way that almost with every kind of device, a user can see your email without any kind of distortion. We are offering you a dynamic ecosystem in case of running your email marketing campaign where your email newsletter will be displayed in a perfect format depending on your customer’s device. When your content will be reached on our dynamic ecosystem, it will adapt itself according to the user’s screen size adjusting spacing. 

Managing email marketing campaign

Now we will be more focused on describing the major features which you will find more convenient for running your email marketing business. Those are the points, which should be kept in every email marketer’s mind before running his campaign. So, let’s get familiar with the list at first which will be used mostly the case when running your email marketing campaign.

  1. Importing contacts from your CSV file

  2. Advanced opt-out feature

  3. A/B testing for email marketing

  4. Schedule email

Importing contacts from CSV file

During your email collection time, you are to maintain an excel file for sure. Because it’s a game of collecting a large number of email addresses. But in case of using Odoo, you don’t have to cut and paste all the emails manually to run an email campaign for your business. For example, if you have 10,000 email addresses for marketing specific products or services, you can easily import all of your email addresses to Odoo with just one click!

Advanced opt-out feature

When you will run an email marketing campaign, you will find some of your customers are not interested to open your email. In that case, they just unsubscribe you. Despite happening this, if you still are running the campaign to the same customer, then that will be just your waste of time and energy as well. So it's important to filter out your email list by removing the people who opted out. Odoo can do this task on behalf of you! Opted out person will be automatically eliminated from your list without a minimum effort of yours!

A/B testing for your email marketing campaign

Let’s be introduced at first, what A/B testing is? A/B testing is a method when you have one work to do, but you have multiple ways to get those done. In that case, you can primarily select two or more ways in this run. But between those which will be perfect and that can bring maximum efficiency, that you can’t figure out. In that case, the proper practice is to experiment both of the ways. The result will say which can be your perfect choice. That’s it! This process is called A/B testing. 

When you will run your email marketing campaign, you will face such kinds of difficulty. Then you have to go for A/B testing. Keep some variation of running your email marketing campaigns. Then find out which variation is bringing good results for you. After performing some A/B testing, you will find your desired variation which keeps the capability to bring you excellent results!

Schedule Email

Scheduling is one of the major concerns in the email marketing business. You might have a list of 10,000 email addresses. But all of the email users are not active at the same time. So there needs proper scheduling to run your campaign as per their activity. Using our email marketing app, you can perform this action with the highest comfort. You just have to set the schedule for the emails to be sent to the customer depending on their online activity, email opening tendency, etc. That’s it! your task is done. The rest of the sending procedure will be finished automatically. It seems like autopilot mode, right?

Last of all Ergo Ventures Pvt LTD is always committed to suggesting the proper ways and tools you need. Our concern is to make you succeed in sharing our practical experience and guidelines. During the run of your Digital Marketing, we always promise to be with you. If you succeed, we succeed!

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