How To Reduce ERP Implementation Cost


Enterprise Resource Planning Technology is considered to be one of the most important and ground-breaking systems that tackle all of the business processes and interact with full performance. The application contributes to greater efficiency and growth. ERP solutions such as Odoo are commonly used in business circles today, without any difference in the size of the company. The usage of ERP solution in the present era, operating from small-medium to large enterprises, is no new trend. Implementing ERP into your business and setting up such a system is a decision undoubtedly taken with the understanding that it can cost quite a lot. Business owners often seem to end up being baffled by the mounting costs of implementation, and as a result, the implementation as a whole fails in the next stage; maintenance.

Fortunately, it is possible to optimize your costs and reduce them whenever the avenues present themselves. This article is written to make readers aware of the possibilities.

How can ERP implementation cost be optimized?

  1. Plan ahead, always: Set a budget before any work commences. Which will be the cost of your software? What expenses do you need to pay on the hardware and networks? Which consultants would it take? How many hours does it take for your own people? Are you going to need to use temporary workers to replace the job that your employees should have done as they implement? When are those costs to be borne? Careful budgeting practices have been one of the main ways to control costs in any business, preventing them from spiraling out of control.

  2. Use customization responsibly: Take a think on whether you need to invest the money right away. The ERP you've selected is used by a wide variety of companies around the world. The developers have built versatility to work with several different systems. Learn how to use the processes outside the box before making any customizations. You may find it better than the method that you are using now that needs customization, thus lowering your implementation and maintenance costs. While you do stand out from your competitors by being exceptional and original as customization comes as a bonus your company by virtue of letting you meet all your needs and desires, boosting your ERP quality drives up customization costs considerably. It is best to avoid applications and customizable features that do not add functionality

  3. Pick your system with considerable forethought: Another critical aspect of cost reduction is selecting the ERP wisely. Often choose your ERP application carefully looking at the effective use of the functionality of the ERP program. For example, choosing Odoo ERP for your company lets you achieve a complete management tool for various business operations, whether it is accounting, sales, buying, human resources, warehouse management or any other. Each management module of Odoo is robust in nature and comes packed with comprehensive functionalities that meet unique departmental needs. ERP systems are bundled in different ways, as a customizable package. If you need a general ledger but do not need receivable accounts, skip that one and save some money. Often they come together to deliver a bundle of the most common modules. This can be a great money saver, but they do not have the equipment you need if they sell restricted versions of certain modules.

  4. Negotiate licensing and partnership costs: In terms of licensing software, be sure to buy only in what's required for the needs of your client. Speak to your partner to make sure you don't have the necessary functionalities and infrastructure to push up the costs and if they do, compromise and see if you could lower the price and make it more budget-friendly in terms of professional service rates. For any ERP implementation project, Acumatica or Microsoft Dynamics GP training is a must, without this critical step, the odds of your project gaining all the benefits are small. That being said, there is scope for skilled service prices to save money without compromising the quality. Negotiate any customization and update prices in advance to ensure that you obtain the lowest possible ERP implementation costs with great benefits.

  5. Ensure executive support for your implementation: Executive assistance is usually a necessity, but it can also save money. When any (other) department stalls or attempts to add to the project's reach, the executive will help them get back to the track. The exec would also assist in budgeting and evaluating how the project is concluding. It is crucial, before any ERP upgrade, to find an experienced and versatile partner and engage with them on the executive who is willing and able to find the best match for your organizations. If your company consists of several different divisions, it may be more intelligent to go through a more staggered implementation rather than a massive rollout. Expressing these needs with your ERP partner is crucial to make sure that your project runs effectively. Executive planning and strategy will work towards identifying primary project goals and completion dates, setting deadlines, and clearly stating everybody in the positions of the company to ensure that deadlines are achieved in a timely and efficient way. When the development team and ERP consultant/partner are aware of their work, you will be able to manage time and costs.


Although it may sound generic when you talk about ERP, however, numerous regions should be addressed when undertaking any ERP growth. ERP size, cost and timeline are the most significant difficulty or difficulties hidden in any ERP growth. Their implementation of ERP sometimes comes tricky to the company. The entire process needs safe and complete support from the right provider of ERP, skilled technological tools and other properties. Before and after implementation, the systems involved remain different from one service provider to another. Few ERP vendors offer a one-stop solution which includes a range of services. And each service comes with the various costs that should be dealt with before the project is complete.

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