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Social Marketing

On the day of the digital era, the growth of social media is being increased exponentially. One statistic shows that about 2.96 billion people are using social media worldwide and the number is getting bigger day by day. 

So, the traditional advertisement such as giving advertisements on television or print advertisement in the newspaper is losing its popularity. If your concern is to grow your business, then the “Social Marketing” app can help you in a significant way using the digital presence of your targeted customers.

So, what can the “Social Marketing” app do for you? Let’s dig out!

Manage your multiple social media from one panel!

It's a very common thing that since you are planning to do or already you are doing your business using social media, so you are using multiple accounts of social media. “Social Marketing” app is offering you to control all of your accounts just from one place. 

You don’t have to be bothered about posting the same post manually from different social media accounts while spoiling your valuable time. If you use “Social Marketing”, it’s just the matter of one click! 

You can analyze, manage and monitor your page from only this control panel in a convenient way. There are some specific, simple and convenient instructions to use that feature. The most attractive thing about this app is, you can monitor all the activities from only one dashboard.

Be with your audience all the time!

Since your business is significantly dependent on using social media to get in touch with your audience, it's time to get familiar with the ways where you can interact with your audience more conveniently. “Social Marketing” app is offering you a great feature that is significantly popular in keeping engage your audience with your campaigns and helping to convert your audience into leads.

Write a short message for your audience and set it in “Social Marketing” with a specific direction when you are unable to be active online for another task. The straight forward and eye-catchy message will be visible to your audience when he/she is active online but you are not. 

This will trigger your audience to read the message and make him/her more concerned about your running campaign. At the end of the day, they are your potential customers. So give some special care using this feature if you are serious to achieve proper engagement.

Chat live with your audience using Social Marketing!

Chatting live with your audience can bring a significant impact on your business. It increases trust and builds a good reputation for you and your business team as well. In one study it has been observed, live chatting with customers increases the conversion rate up to 40% rather than regular chatting. 

It will bring some more benefits such as improved customer service and loyalty, 

faster problem solutions, expanding market reach, etc. “Social Marketing” app allows you to engage with your customers in a super convenient way with live chatting. It will help you to boost your business to the next level by maintaining a rich percentage of customer satisfaction. Building a good relationship between customer and businessman is the key thing to develop and expand your business locally to globally. With live chatting, you can build that relationship with your customers.

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