Distant Learning Software
Online Classrooms
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The best online platform for distant learning.
Includes live classes, online exams, and grading

In an effort to help educators and learners amid COVID-19, we've come up with a special price starting from BDT 4,999 per month**

**Conditions apply. The starting package may not include all features**

Distant Learning Software - powered by Odoo - comes with every necessary feature you can imagine for online or remote education

Key Features of Distant Learning Software

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Course Management

  • Manage subjects, curriculum, and lessons with ease

  • Plan your course materials and contents

  • Simple registration process enabling easy enrollment

  • Create class schedules and share with students

Online Classroom 

  • Live whiteboard for participants to draw together

  • Unlimited number of webcams for each session

  • Complete control over participation of students to maintain discipline

  • Built-in Polling system for greater engagement

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Exam and Assessment 

  • Multiple evaluation methods

  • Take quizzes and tests online

  • Automated transcript and report card

  • Certifications valid for a predefined period 

User Interface and User Experience

  • Responsive design that fits any device

  • High quality and video for effective communication

  • Emojis for sharing expression

  • Public and private messages

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