DevOps Engineer

New York, United States

Job Description/Skills Requirement:

  • Cloud architecture, containers, micro services

  • Kubernetes container orchestration platform and its ecosystem

  • Helm, dashboard, kompose, Prometheus, envoy, weave, istio

  • Docker, Docker Swarm and Docker compose

  • Automation tools (Jenkins/Ansible/Puppet/Chef/Salt/etc) and CI/CD Pipeline

  • Code repository (Gitlab, Bitbucket and Git workflows, SVN)

  • GCP, Azure and AWS for managing k8 cluster

  • MySQL, Oracle, SQLite,PostgreSQL MongoDB, Elasticsearch,EFK,RabbitMQ, Cassandra, Redis, Memcache and ORM technologies

  • APIs (SOAP, REST, JSON, XML, Swagger), Testing tools like Postman

  • Automated testing tools like selenium, webdriver, sonarqube

  • OS Knowledge (Debian & RPM based), Scripting (Shell, Python etc)

  • Nginx, Apache, HA Proxy and relevant Webserver/LoadBalancer technology

Nature of Job