Complete SEO Training - Beginners to Expert 

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Complete SEO Training - Beginners to Expert [for WordPress Websites] 

Maybe you’re completely new to SEO or maybe you’re an advanced SEO expert and are looking to expand your knowledge. Whichever one it is, you can be sure we’ve got you covered.

This course is all about 50+ Search Engine Optimization factors on how to reach top spot on search engines like Google and Bing.

Duration: 3 Months

Total Number of Classes: 24


1. What Is SEO

2. Types of SEO

3. What is KW Research

4. Long vs Short Tail Keyword

5. Understanding KW Research Tools

6. KW Research For a Blog Using Free Tools

8. KW Research for Service Sites

9. Looking at Competitors Keywords

10. KGR Keywords

11. Tracking Keywords

12. Running a Quick Audit For SEO

13. Sorting Out SSL

14. Sorting Out Sitemap

15. Sorting Out Robots

16. Fixing 404 Errors

17. Fixing Alt Text

18. Fixing Meta Description

Most of the tools and strategies we recommend and teach you to use are completely free!