Digital Marketing with Odoo

Digital Marketing with Odoo: Power Up Your Marketing Efforts

For half a century, consumers' media consumption was dominated by offline media. But today, more than half of all the media we consume comes through digital channels. Such a dramatic shift comes with a plethora of opportunities, and with a good deal of challenges as well. Reaching consumers through digital channels offers several advantages over traditional offline marketing. However, understanding and integrating various digital marketing instruments is not an easy task. As a result, businesses must opt for better alternatives to get a competitive edge when it comes to digital marketing. 

Keeping up with big-name competitors and marketing a brand, sometimes, appears as a daunting task for many small organizations. Maintaining website and SEO, events and social media, blog posts, lead capturing and sales funnel, live chat and mass mailing, using multiple tools and interfaces may seem tedious and time-consuming. 

Here comes Odoo. A fully integrated suite of applications that is not just able to manage your internal operations, but also comes full circle with optimization of your marketing efforts and promoting the visibility of your brand. Let's take a look at Odoo's marketing modules - social, email, automation, and SMS - and see what they offer for your business. 

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Social Marketing

  • With Odoo, directly send or schedule posts for platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  • You can send web push notifications to your website's subscribed visitors.

  • Add streams, like Facebook and Twitter, to your dashboard to monitor your social media accounts, interact with your community and followers, and get insights. 

  • You can create fully integrated campaigns: emails, SMS, push notifications, and social media posts. Get an overview of your campaign result in terms of clicks, revenues, leads created, and sales. 

  • Get an accurate list of your website's visitors, and reach them via email, SMS, push notifications, or Live Chat requests.

  • You can get engaged in conversation with one or more of your website's visitors. They will receive your message on their next action on a tracked page.

  • Track the journey of a link from a post, and get instant information about how much revenue that link generated, as to how many leads.

Email Marketing  

  • Use our pre-made building blocks to structure your email. Insert headers and footers, calls-to-action, images, links, snippets and many more in just a few clicks.

  • Add your text and graphics in real-time directly within the editable content of your building blocks and get a live preview of what your email will look like.

  • In Odoo, actions - like approvals - are immediately available in the email notifications.

  • Pick one of Odoo's nine awesome themes and change the layout of your email according to your taste without losing time starting from scratch. Also, you can save your emails as templates and reuse them for your future campaigns. 

  • Import contacts to Odoo from any CSV document with ease. 

  • Odoo allows you to segment your subscribers' database by assigning them to one or several mailing lists. You can also select your customers, leads or opportunities from Odoo CRM as the recipients of your campaigns. 

  • Specify an email to which the recipient can reply by clicking on the "Reply to" button from his inbox.

  • Select a time and date to schedule your campaign to be sent later.

  • You can send a sample of your mailing to selected email addresses to get a preview before actually launching it to your whole mailing list.

  • With Odoo, track undelivered emails within any 24 hours, and get insights on why they failed. 

  • Odoo allows you to set up several email servers with their own IP/domain to optimize open rates.  

  • Keep track of all sent emails and stock them in Odoo's database. 

  • Get real-time statistics on emails performance: number of leads and orders created, revenue generated, delivery rate, open rate, click rate, bounce rate.

  • With Odoo, add a tracking code to the links within your email campaigns and get a complete view of the performances for each campaign on a dedicated dashboard.

  • Follow your opportunities through Odoo CRM and analyze the conversion rate, the expected revenue and the generated revenue of each of your campaigns. Use filters for more in-depth analysis.

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Marketing Automation

  • Segment your database easily with a clean widget using a combination of demographic and behavioral attributes. Your contacts will be enrolled in the campaign as soon as they meet the criteria.

  • See how your campaign is performing with KPIs such as open rate, bounce rate, clicks and deliverability.

  • Before activating your campaign, you can run your workflow on a test contact to view the sequence of events in action.

  • Create and customize workflows with a visual interface to better envision your customer journey. Get your contacts following one path or another based on an action in your workflow (email opened/clicked/replied).

  • Manage UTMs to track visitors from a visit to the website to the sale order, or invoices.

  • Odoo allows you to set delays between workflow actions.

  • Use pre-made building blocks to create your emails. Start from scratch or use Odoo's ten themes.

  • Automate your workflow by sending specific emails at a specific time, and you can also automate contextual actions such as updating a record and SMS for personal interactions

SMS Marketing

  • With Odoo, segment your subscribers by adding them to one or several contact lists. You can also select the contacts in your database and target your customers and leads as your campaigns' recipients.

  • Schedule a time and date for your campaign and let Odoo send messages automatically at the right time.

  • Send yourself a test SMS before launching it to your whole contact list.

  • For A/B testing, send your SMS Marketing campaign to a fraction of your contact list.

  • Find a new action button is added to your Contacts app. With it, you can select multiple contacts and send an SMS to all of them.

  • Buy credit for SMS and send those with the credits - all within the app. 

  • Track last undelivered SMS and get notified why they failed.

  • Get real-time statistics on SMS performance: delivery rate, click rate, bounce rate.

  • Share the links you want to track by creating a short link that includes analytics trackers and get a complete view of the links' performances on a dedicated dashboard.

  • Follow your opportunities through Odoo CRM and analyze the conversion rate, the expected revenue, and the generated revenue of each of your campaigns. Use filters for more in-depth analysis.

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    Make the most out of Odoo through integrating other apps - that suits your needs - inside and outside the platform. 

Odoo offers an arsenal of marketing tools to help you get ready to promote your brand, obtain new customers, and grow your business. Connect all your marketing strategies into a single platform, save your time, and power up your marketing efforts.